How to Use Coconut Oil for Chapped, Dry Lips

Chapped lips are the most common problem that usually occurs due to cold or dry weather causing your crake and flake. It could be harsh effects of the sun or your cosmetic products that are drying out your lips. Sometimes the use of balm could be very beneficial and several coconut oil remedies that you can try at your home. Coconut oil is a very beneficial and ideal solution for chapped skin.

If you don’t want to use medicine, then coconut oil is a mainstay for the burn treatment. Due to moisturizing and pain reveling properties, it can be very useful for the chapped lips. Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Seven Hills coconut oil is also considered as emollient (non-cosmetic moisturizer) that can keep the skin moist and protect it from any further damage. Some people use coconut oil as a wrinkle treatment.

When you use the oil for your lips, you may help your surrounding skin look smoother and more radiant. It is not much difficult process to use the coconut oil simply you just need to take a few drops of coconut oil on your lips and dab gently until the oil sets. Repeat this process throughout the day for better results.

If you want to get lip balm or Chap Stick like texture you can combine it with the equal portion of a thickening agent like base wax before applying it. It will give you a shiny and smooth touch plus you can also Store any extra product in a small container for easy on-the-go application To use it as a nighttime treatment combine the coconut oil with the honey and take equal parts of honey and coconut oil mix them until a thick cream forms. Apply to your lips and then rinse off in the morning. If you didn’t find any positive change connect with an experienced Dermatologist by visiting Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Seven Hills.

What is Milia & How to Get Rid of it – 5 Ways

Milia are just like small white bumps that appear on the skin and usually located on the nose, cheeks, and chin. They mostly develop when the skin becomes flakes trapped under the surface of the skin. Almost 60% of babies face Milia on their skin that can also affect children, adolescents, and adults. Most of the time the Milia issue gets resolved without any treatment however you can follow different tips to speed up the healing process.

Read on to get the learn more about simple tips to get rid of this problem easily and quickly. Here I would recommend Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Seven Hills where you can speak with a Dermatologist and get the solution. First and move important to understand is don’t pick, poke and try to remove them because trying to remove can cause bleeding, scab, and scar. Scribing can also cause infection in the respective area. In the case of babies under 6 months old, the best thing to do for Milia is to leave the bumps alone.

If the bumps are concerning you, see your child’s pediatrician. After washing the face pat your skin dry that would help prevent your skin from chafing or drying out. After cleansing steam opens your pores by simply sitting in the bathroom that will fill with the warm steam.sit for five to eight minutes so that the steam gently opens your pores, releasing skin flakes or other irritants that may be trapped underneath.

Gently exfoliate the area but keep in mind that too much exfoliating can irritate your skin, so it is better to practice it once a week. Apply a manuka honey mask and spritz some rose water on your skin. Spritzing two or three times will give very positive results but be careful to avoid your eye area. Rose oil might irritate it.

5 simple Ways to Lighten Dark Lips – Healthy Looking Lips

Everyone wants to have healthy and pink lips that may look nice, but keeping your lips healthy is the most important element in your health and overall appearance. Here are a few remedies that can be very helpful to achieve hydrated and Healthy Lips. One of the most important tasks is to exfoliate your lips before going to bed. After walking up, make a habit of using washcloth and tool brush for gently rubbing off all the unnecessary elements from your skin.

Try a homemade lip scrub and use almond oil Honey every night before going to bed. Dry skin problem usually occurs due to lack of water In your body so make a habit of Getting eight glasses of water a day will benefit your body in lots of ways, and fuller-looking lips are an added benefit. Use makeup products carefully and keep in mind that all makeup products are not created for your lips so try to use natural products like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil to give your skin a natural barrier and protect it from the dust and all unsuitable elements.

Use vitamin E capsule on your lips by simply cutting and applying the product right to your lips. It can boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer. You can also use a berry-based lip scrub that makes your lips healthy and beautiful. To do this task you have to crush up the strawberry with the combination of honey and olive oil. Apply it on your lips and then wash your face after a few minutes.

Stay away from the causes of dark lips including excessive exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, smoking, use of low-quality makeup products, and too much caffeine. You can address these causes by changing your lifestyle and by wearing sunscreen plus the use of the right toothpaste Product. In case of any trouble visit Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Seven Hills to consult with the experienced Dermatologist.